Montgomery Bus Boycott

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In 1955, Montgomery Bus Boycott took huge affect on black Americans. It gave blacks an opportunity to seek for change in society. The event was caused by the arrestment of Rosa Park, poor living standards of blacks and Supreme Court decision in 1954. First cause of Montgomery Bus Boycott was on December 1, 1955. A black American woman boarded one of the buses in Montgomery Bus Line and sat down. When the bus was filled, Rosa Park was ordered to give up her seat for white passengers. Mrs Park remained seated and refused to give up her seat. Shortly she was arrest and sparked direct civil right action. This gave blacks a perfect opportunity to take a stand against racial discrimination. National Association of Advancement for Colored People (NAACP) leaders began a campaign calling on 50,000 blacks in the city to protest by boycotting Montgomery buses for a day. Leaflets were distributed; blacks would walk to work or catch a taxi. The one day boycott was such a powerful success that it carried on for almost a year after. Poor standards of living for blacks were another cause of Montgomery Bus Boycott. This inspired blacks to desegregate buses as facilities were segregated, blacks were seemed and treated inferior to whites. Harassment from the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was given to blacks. In 1870, in one county South Caroline alone was 6 murders and 300 whippings. KKK was hugely supported by whites and became the voice for poor uneducated whites who felt threatened in competing for housing and jobs. Blacks had limited educational and job opportunities as many whites did not want to integrate. Limited education and job opportunities were out there for blacks as many worked domestically or in the fields such as farming. These poor standards motivated blacks to boycott Montgomery buses and change the future for blacks. Last cause of Montgomery Bus Boycott was the Supreme Court
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