Asses the Marxist View of Society

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Assess the Marxist view of Society (33 marks) Marx said that in the earliest stage of human history we had primitive communism. This is where there are no classes, no private ownership and no exploitation. A society where everybody works and everything is shared equally. Marx now believes that we live in a class society, where there is a ruling class who own and run the means of production and exploit the working class through labour and control society’s surplus product. Marx identifies three different types of class societies. These are: Ancient society, where slaves would be exploited in order to serve the ruling class. Feudal society, where society is formed around the owner of a piece of land would have workers working for them on that piece of land. And a capitalist society, where the ruling class exploit workers using a free wage market and many other ways in the economy. Marx believes that we now live in a capitalist society, which is based on divisions in society. He labels the two classes, the capitalist class the bourgeoisie and the class of the labourers the proletariat. Marx believes that this type of society is unequal, as the proletariat do not receive the goods that they have produced; only the cost of subsistence is received. Marx also believes that competition drives the ownership of the means of production into fewer hands, this drives smaller independent producers to become a part of the proletariat. Competition also creates companies to drive down wages, as they will wish to make their products at the lowest cost they can, this alienating the working class and causing them to become impoverished. Marx is often criticised as his two-class system is often seen as too simplistic. Weber divides the proletariat into skilled and unskilled class, and includes white-collar proletariat and small bourgeoisies. Marx believes that capitalism sows
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