Freud vs Durkheim

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Compare and Contrast Karl Marx and Emile Durkheim on human nature Karl Marx and Emile Durkheim, founding fathers of the Sociology world, both have contributed in many ways it relates to affording a society the opportunity to resolve some of the many ills/ crisis that societies throughout the world faced during their and even nowdays. Despite their indifferent views, both men were interested with the beginning of modern capitalism. Karl Marx was born in Germany whereas Emile Durkheim was born in France; however, they both studied philosophy. Marx aim was to explain capitalism- private properties, separation of labor, capital and landed property, exchange and competition. He argued that capital society and social order are all link to a capital system to human beings. Durkheim on the other hand, argued that sociology should be look at social facts as objects. Roles and institutions act like bodily organs, each depending on other. The world should be divided into subjective and objective, regarding society as a reality in itself. Durkheim sees anomie as responsible for the world’s disorder of economics- the lack of morality and regulation resulted in overpowering the weak; thus, he feels that only norms can prevent the abuse of power and calls for regulation and equal opportunity from birth- the greater the equal opportunity the less need for restraint. Marx looked at how capitalism separated humanity by making work a simple means of individual existence. In addition he describes society in terms of class and economic conflicts. Marx saw proletariat or people of a working class as being underneath the bourgeoisie or the capitalist of a modern society. Marx looked at how alienation of production of commodities by workers also leads to alienation of social life. Workers are producing countless numbers of priceless commodities but are barely able to afford the
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