Outline and Evaluate Marxist Explanations of Crime

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Outline and evaluate marxist explanations of crime (45) The Marxist theory in general splits society in half, the rich and the poor. With the poor being exploited by the rich. This theory appears to be the basis for all Marxist perspective including the Marxist explanations of crime and deviance. Karl Marx stated that crime was the product of poverty and the traditional Marxist view regarding the cause of crime amongst the working classes is competition and the desire to become wealthy and live a middle class life. The working class want the ‘things’ that they see the middle classes with but they can't afford them so they resort to crimes such as stealing as a means of getting what they want. The explanation the marxists would give about the cause of crime is the working class fighting back against oppression and making their own means of acquiring wealth and the life of luxury. Marxists have many explanations of what causes crime, Traditional Marxists say that capitalism causes crime, the term we use for this is criminogenic capitalism. Crime is created by the structure of the capitalist society, the ruling class exploit the working class as they own the means of production. The working class gain a desire for material things, but breaking the law may be the only way that they can acquire the consumer good that they desire. breaking the law is a small price to pay for the reward that the success brings them in turn. This of course would bring a rise in the amount of working class people committing crimes. Another reason this may lead to a rise in crime may be that the ruling class alienate the working class as they only and this leads to frustration and eventually aggression which can cause them to hit out at the ruling class with violence or vandalism. On the other hand crime is not just pigeon hold to the working class as the ruling class may get a
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