How Capitalism Alientates The Worker(Karl Marx)

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Alienation Karl Marx, one of the founders of / Conflict Theory in Sociology, was very concerned with the idea of alienation in capitalism. There are four types of alienation . They are alienation from worker from product, worker from worker, species being, and man to man. I will go more into depth of these four types of alienation later. Alienating is a very powerful way to keep the worker under the owners belt. Let’s first talk about conflict theory. What is conflict theory ? Conflict is one of the three theories applied in Sociology. This theory was originally proposed my Karl Marx. According to this perspective society is always changing. and is marked by conflict. . Groups in society are constantly competing against each other and there is a constants struggle for power between groups. There are two main classes in conflict according to Marx. The owners (who own the means of production) and the workers (who do not own the means of production). The workers are the ones who are being alienated. They are being alienated because this system(capitalism) is not fair. This theory is all about class struggle and Capitalism is a great example of how there is class struggle In society today. A good example of this in our society today is Medicalization. When we apply conflict theory to Medicalization we can determine that it is all about power and profit. The capitalists or pharmaceutical companies are in it to make a profit. They come up with chemical cures so we need to rely on doctors so they can make money. Marx would say Capitalism is making us sick. The conditions of work and the alienation of the workers is making them sick. Therefore we need to rely on the doctors and we pay back to them what we earn from them to make us feel better. In other words we go to the doctors for our everyday problems when really we are sick of capitalism and so we run to the
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