Advantages of Techology Essay

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Advantages of Technology Nowadays, technology is being used by people around the world. It attach of people life. All kinds of technologies such as TVs, computers, mobile phones, cars, and many other things are attracting people to involve with it. What are the advantages of technology? The following paragraph will describe about the advantages of technology. There are three advantages of technology. Firstly, using technology can save a lot of time. People can use mobile phone to provide communication easily without spending much time to meet each other. They just call to someone that they want to conversation with. Moreover, they can talk to people all over the countries and around the world when technology is involved, and it does not really matter how far apart they are – they can still be connected. Furthermore, Calculation can also help them to calculate many number just a minute and also accuracy. They do not figure out by themselves that spend much more time to do it, and it can make a lot of mistake. Secondly, technology provides us about information. Many people want to know everything happen around them, so they use technology such as TV, radio, computer, etc. Information makes people have many ideas in their brain, and especially they can know clearly about their society. For instant, if they have a bad story for their society like storm, so they can escape safely because they knew this information in advance. Finally, using technology in their business is helpful. Many businessman use technology to gain the benefit because they can make their promotion on the internet, face book, TV, radio, etc to promote their goods and services. They do like this in the purpose of attracting their customers to know about their production and they also know about the quantities that bring them to buy next. In conclusion, using technology is really helpful for

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