Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Day Technology

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The advantages and disadvantages of modern Technology In today’s society we are all dependant on technology, from cars and microwaves to computers and mobile phones. Technology has been around since as far back as the Stone Age, and as each age has progressed, technology has developed in incredible leaps and bounds. Today it is of a mind blowing status and has revolutionised the way we do everything, from working to communicating. While technology comes with tremendous advantages, it also has its disadvantages. One main advantage of technology is how convenient it makes our day to day lives. We can come home from a long day at work and instead of spending an hour or more cooking at the stove, we can pop something into the microwave and it’s ready in minutes. If we want to book a holiday there are endless options, from hotels to flights, right at our fingertips on the internet. And they are usually much cheaper than booking with a travel agent. The internet has endless amounts of information, we can read news updates as soon as they happen, do research for a project and even get legal advice. A lot of people nowadays don’t even need a television as we can access movies, television shows, music videos and all sorts of entertainment with just a click of the mouse. We can send a letter to another continent in two seconds rather than waiting two or three weeks for it to be delivered by post. Many people find online banking very useful and convenient. We can manage all of our finances on our computers and even transfer money from one account to another, maybe to a friend in a country on the other side of the world within minutes. We can pay bills and set up direct debits, all from the comfort of our own homes. Global businesses use video conferencing to have meetings. This is such a huge advancement in

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