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Bead Bar Development Paper bob smith Axia College of the University of Phoenix Online The Bead Bar is an up and coming company that allows customers to build jewellery and other good using beads. The main goals of the Bead Bar are to get there paperwork trails shorter by putting them into the digital age on computers. Before the Bead Bar decide to get computers the clients and stores were complaining of wrong orders and not receiving orders along with other errors that would be avoided by switching to the digital age and upgrading to computers at all of there locations. Since the company is a relatively small business the Bead Bar needs a working system that will not be to expensive but will be able to handle…show more content…
I believe a bus topology will be cheap for all of the stores to hook in all of their computers to and running CAT5 or CAT 6 cable from a simple router to the cash registers and any other computer will allow access to the internet or anything else that the Bead Bar would like to in the future would set up that needs there computers networked together. Then utilizing a satellite connection from a main central point in each store including the Bead Bar on Board have all information saved on a local server located in the corporate offices making data available to everyone that would need it back at corporate headquarters By using this system it would be east to implement any Database system that the Bead Bar had because you could create multiple databases one for payroll, one for orders, and so on and so forth and give the respective managers access to update information into these databases. Still holding true since the Bead bar would have to buy a server from the word go they could even host their own e-commerce website from it making buying the Bead Bars products easily and allow them to expanding into any market that goes to there web address. Maintain the e-commerce site becomes an easy task as well due mainly to the fact that it would be just like the database systems you would just need to grant the correct network access to the server in order to change the…show more content…
By going with the star topology to corporate servers to hold all of the stores data and licenses for each software that hey own a simple tape drive will allow the Bead Bar to backup all main stream data and anything else located on the corporate servers. By using the Windows servers they can set up active directory to scan for old/unlicensed software and actually make scripts and send them down to all of the stores to uninstall software and install the update one or a new piece of software depending on if they switch software. The fastest way to monitor what needs to change with any set up is to ask the end user what they like and don’t like and see what can be changed from there. Even considering the fact that end users don’t like new systems to begin with due mainly to the fact that change is bad if you don’t use the system personally all you have are an error logs which help you fix problems that have been resolved already and make fixes to a possibly broken

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