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Rought draft of Journalism final essay Caleb mcconnell journ 102 In our 21st century society with technology blooming steadily, Internet access has become a necessity to strive in modern times. As our world rapidly advances into the digital age everything is starting to switch to online. Almost every bank has an online banking website that lets you handle your money from home on your computer instead of having to go to the bank every time you want some cash. Because 77% of the United states population uses the internet, online shopping has also become a huge industry. According to the National Retail association 51% of the US will shop online this up coming holiday season. A lot of stores have Black Friday deals online so you dont have to wait in a big line in front of the store. A huge portion of school has also moved to computers. Most of Pima's math courses use a program called “MyMathLab” and all of the…show more content…
Entire classes have moved online as well. Online classes are great because they can fit around your schedule. If you work in the daytime you can do your school at home. Also with online courses you don’t have to worry about getting transportation to and from school. With all the advantages of moving to the internet the online community continues to grow. Of course you can still do all your banking at the bank or go to the store to buy stuff, but times are changing. 40% of the Bank of America customers use the Online only account that charges a fee if you want to use the physical bank. With the way things are going our entire society could go completely online. With people relying on the internet for their everyday lives its no wonder that to some people think that internet should be considered a human right. The right to internet access is also know as the right to broadband. The human rights council HRC is an organization
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