Regulatory Differences

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Memo To: Laura M. Smith From: Lakia M. Hairston CC: Date: November 2, 2009 Re: Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Differences Today, the popularity of the internet has been the foundation of new business, e-business. Just about anything can be done online now. Many people are reverting from shopping in stores of malls because of the convenience of the internet. You can do anything from balancing your check book, to ordering pizza online today, which is making the internet a big part of most peoples lives around the world. Businesses are making transactions with other businesses online eliminating extra time and wasted money. Businesses themselves are going paperless, eliminating the complete paper process with technology and the internet.…show more content…
Junk mail has trashed email accounts and tricked consumers into subscribing to or ordering a product or service while luring the consumer in for something different. One example is the advertisement saying that a consumer has won a gift card for a large amount to a popular store, or a high-end technology device such as an mp3 player. Most of the time, this will lure the client into multiple surveys taking up a lot of time when ultimately requesting that you order something before proceeding. Another misleading B2C marketing tool is pop up ads. These ads get in the way of the viewers screen and will most of the time trick you into clicking onto the pop up, which unethically redirects you to another web page. It may even make you click in an area that authorizes an installation of some sort of adware to your computer. Lack of online B2C ethics has been a large contributor to identity theft and internet fraud. In conclusion, there are many legal and ethical concerns with online B2B and B2C sites. Since most of the internet is unregulated it is important to research companies that we consider doing business with from the B2B or the B2C perspective. In order to alleviate being a victim of unethical practices, it is important to look beyond what is in plain view and read the fine printing. In the event that someone is unsure of legal and ethical practices, it is important to contact the Federal Trade Commission or the Better Business

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