Unit 2 Analysis 1: Computer Shopper

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Unit 2 Assignment 1: Computer Shopper Robert Theiss Choosing the right computer to use for a profession can be a tough decision for a lot of people. Should you purchase a notebook or desktop can be big factor on how well you are able to do your job. I am gonna go in to 3 different professions and state my opinion on which model between notebooks and desktops can suit you better for your daily activities. The first profession I am choosing to discuss is that of a Recruiter especially because I did this job for 10 years and feel I have a very good knowledge on this subject. Without a doubt a notebook is going to suit a recruiter the best for there job but make sure that a lot of RAM is available and your processing speeds are fast as a recruiter is gonna be completing a lot of paperwork off the internet. I would look into having 1TB of memory in my system with 3.4GHZ as your speeds you are running and I would personally decide on a Macbook Air (Notebook) as my product. The Macbook is slim and very lightweight so it makes it very easy to transport around. A recruiters daily activities consist on a basis of being on the road all the time and having anywhere between 100-200 official documents to complete with there applicants. With 1TB of storage you are gonna have no problem saving all of your work which is a lot due to always having numerous people you are working with at one time. When a recruiter is working on all the different internet sites to complete enlistment documents the notebook is going to need to be quick which is why I feel 3.4GHZ would be more than adequate to complete there tasks. So in conclusion look into a Macbook with 1TB and 3.4 GHZ for any jobs that you are very mobile in and need a lot of storage and speed. This is not going to be cheap as you will spend $1500-2000 on these machines but it will all be worth it. Moving on

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