Adriana Lima-Brazilian Goddess

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Adriana Lima-The Brazilian Goddess Nobody can work it like this bronze brazilian. There are a lot of models for Victoria's Secret. Some are too skinny and some aren't pretty at all. Most of the models have a very bad attitude and are very stuck-up. Adriana Lima is by far the most beautiful and most talented Victoria's Secret model in the world. First, she seems like a very nice person. Secondly, she has the best face and body of any model. Finally, she can work the runway and look good on any given day of the year. Due to the fact that Adriana has a very glowing personality, this will lead others to think she is a very nice and delightful person. In most of her pictures, she is smiling. If one watches a video of her she is laughing and having fun the whole time. There are never any instances where she is seen yelling or causing a scene anywhere. Adriana also does charitable work helping with an orphanage, "Caminhos da Luz" (Ways of Light), located in her hometown. She helps with construction to expand the orphanage, and buys clothes for poor children in Salvador, Bahia. Also, in every thing that you see her in, she is joking around and being kind to everyone. Overall, Adriana is a good person. In addition, Adriana has the best physical features of any of the models. She has toned abs, but she has voluptuous curves. She has won many awards for her body. Adriana has been voted the "Hottest Girl on the Planet" by Spike TV. In the year 2005, she was voted "Most Desirable Woman" by the website Adriana ranked 7th on FHM 100 Sexiest Women 2007. Lastly, she was in People Magazines 100 Most Beautiful People in the World in May 2007. Many people love the way she looks and she is beautiful to many people. Thirdly, Adriana struts her stuff on the runway better than anybody out there. She has one numerous awards for her runway walk

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