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Samantha Leigh Bakker Samantha Leigh Bakker is a 15 year old girl, who was born on May 27th, 1996 in Muster Indiana at Community Hospital. Sam as they call her by her nickname grew up mostly in Gray and Griffith Indiana. She is currently living in Griffith Indiana with her mom and her little brothers. Sam is the daughter of Nancy Bakker, a preschool teacher and the older sister of two little brothers named Eric Bakker a seven year old and Ryan Bakker a eleven year old. Sam went to Beirgier Elemtery in Griffith growing up, she now attends Griffith High School in Indiana, she says.” I enjoy school and the responsible that come with it as growing up. Sam’s favorite subject is English in school because it’s the easiest of them…show more content…
Sam’s loves the colors pink and turcose because there just so bright and fun to look at. Summer, Sam’s favorite season all year, she loves summer because its nice and warm and every summer weekend she goes to her Lake house in Warsaw Indiana to visit and enjoy. Sam has one best friend named Madison Lynch a girl she tells everything too, Madison also goes to school with Sam so there together almost every single day. Sam is a very nice person until you start chomping on gum something she just cant stand she says its really annoying but other than that her friends are the people that make her happy everyday you well never see Sam without a smile on her face, except when it comes to her room, her biggest fear of all from the opening and closing of the door by it self to the mysterious light that comes from the window and into her room it really creeps her out at night. Sam looks up to a fashion designer named Rachel Zoe because she is the type of girl that does things for her self and not others, she doesn’t try to please others and she follows her dreams and accomplishes them, Sam looks up to her for the way she does…show more content…
Sam’s a very nice girl and she hopes for the best in her life and to do good, I’m glad I met her because I would of never really knew what type of person she is, she’s great no wonder she has so many friends that love her to death and enjoy being around her, what can I say from the creepiest things that happen to her at night to her annoying brother brothering her all the time she’s a wonderful

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