Cheerleaders Persuasive Speech

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Kayla Hall Prof. Ford English 1010 March 1, 2011 Which do you think is better; Twirling a baton and dancing to music, or shaking pom-poms yelling "LET'S GO TEAM!" At Tri-Cities High School you will definitely have to pick a side. “At this time will all students please move to the gym so we can start our first pep rally of the year.” By hearing these words on the loud speaker we knew the competition is on at Tri-Cities High School. What competition you ask? The Cheerleaders verse The Majorettes. This competition has been going on for many years at Tri-Cities High. All the students remain standing on their feet once they entered cheering with anticipation wondering which squad will bring the heat to this year pep rally. The announcer introduces the Cheerleaders to the gym following with the band playing and here comes the Majorettes. The crowd is going wild while the squad’s take their positions on the gym floor. Once the music start to fill the room it is hands down the Majorettes are ready for the competition, and they refuse to lose to the Cheerleaders. Many students have their different reason for saying which squad is better. For example, some students base it off the squad appearances, and others look at…show more content…
Some cheerleaders strive be the prettiest girls in school. In high school they are trained to be a support system for the school. They cheer their team on even when they are losing. That’s what makes the die heart students, or fans love them. They have committed to be on their side from beginning to end. Some students think of cheerleader’s as mean nasty girl or in some cases some kind of fantasy for some pervert thanks to the way they are portrayed in movies. Others think they are so pretty, athletic, and nice. Either way you take them for they always come out to be the most popular girls in school that everybody wants to be friends with or even

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