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Olivia Lashlee Professor Feick English Composition 1 16 September 2011 The One and Only K$ Although most people tend to ridicule this famous person, Kesha Rose Sebert happens to interest me in a very positive way. Known as Ke$ha, this girl knows how to bring skill to the stage and stand out tremendously. When it comes to celebrities, I only admire the ones that have a great personality. I also feel that a unique style is crucial in order to hold my attention. Last, but not least, I remain fascinated in those who have awesome talent. In my opinion, Ke$ha definitely seems to fit this criteria. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee as an average teenager, she has now grown into a well-known sensational pop star. I can certainly say that…show more content…
The majority of her songs have a catchy beat and story. In fact, I could listen to Ke$ha’s songs all day long and not get tired of them. Ke$ha may apply auto-tune to her voice, but she does this intentionally to give it a robotic, techno effect. Like I mentioned earlier, I have heard her live twice, and she sounds phenomenal without auto-tune as well. My favorite part about Ke$ha happens to be her fashion style. I feel that a human being’s outfit defines the emotions of that particular person. For example, Kesha wears ripped stockings and t-shirts, warrior stripes on her face, and glitter all over her body. From my perspective, I think that she feels torn inside, but she remains strong and continues to shine. I admire that Kesha is real and does not put on a fake act to satisfy others. She has taught me to be myself no matter what. In an article in a Seventeen magazine I read, Kesha said, “ I hope my albums can become more of a youth movement for really accepting who you are unapologetically and really loving yourself for every imperfection.” I find those words very inspiring, and I just wish the people that bash Ke$ha would realize that being mouthy and speaking one’s mind can be a good thing too! Kesha celebrates life and nature in many interesting ways. One instance happened to be when she hosted a meet and greet where everyone was told to bring his or her pets. I admire her fondness for all types of animals and how she incorporates it into her songs and style. Ke$ha has seriously caused my insight on animals and humans to be more accepting, and I feel glad of
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