Argumentative Essay: Marilyn Monroe's Journey To Hollywood

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Estella Baker Mrs. Benaderate English 11 27 may 2009 Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe was a famous actress from the 50’s. She was a very popular talented young woman, who was loved and adored. Being young, beautiful, and talented would be an advantage to anyone, to Marilyn Monroe it was everything. Marilyn Monroe was not only an actress, but a singer, comedian, film producer, and model. Through out her short life she came across many jobs, men, and obstacles. Marilyn Monroe committed suicide very young, but was it her rough child and adult hood that led her to this? Marilyn had a long and rough journey to get to Hollywood. It was always her dream, and everything started in the Los Angeles General Hospital where she was born. On June 1st, 1926 Gladys’, Marilyn Monroe’s mother, went into labor and gave birth to the beautiful Norma Jean Morteson. Her father, Edward Morteson abandoned her family. Due to Gladys’ mental problems and the abandonment of her father Norma Jean Johnson was placed in a foster home. Her foster parents were Albert and Ida Bolender, they all lived in a house in Hawthorne, California. When Marilyn…show more content…
After being invited to John F. Kennedy’s birthday by Robert Kennedy, Marilyn made a very flirtatious appearance on the televised birthday of President John F. Kennedy, at the Madison Square Garden, where Marilyn Sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President.” After singing “Happy Birthday” to John F. Kennedy, he said "Thank you. I can now retire from politics after having had "Happy Birthday" sung to me in such a sweet, wholesome way." In the 1960’s it was rumored that Marilyn had an affair with not just the ex President John F. Kennedy but his brother Robert Kennedy as well. The rumors started because of the expensive gowns Marilyn would wear to special events and the looks and Conversations these two men and Marilyn would
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