Adolescent Sexuality and Parents

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The constant exposure of a sexually oriented society has caused many teens to become parents at an early age. The results of this have caused a major breakdown in one of the strongest structural units, which is the family. Families all over the United States are confronted with issues of teen pregnancy and adolescent sexuality. It is unfortunate that the television and music industries provide avenues for the exploitation of sexually contented materials. What society intended as vehicles for entertainment and bringing families together, has proven to be harmful to the minds of adolescents. Parents can no longer depend on society as a whole for moral advice in rearing children. Over two decades of research confirms that families and particularly parents are an important influence on whether their teenagers become pregnant or cause a pregnancy. In a variety of ways, parental behavior and the nature of parent/child relationships influence teens' sexual activity and use of contraception. While parents cannot determine whether their children have sex, use contraception, or become pregnant, the quality of their relationships with their children can make a real difference (Miller, 1998). The family unit must be restored. Parental influence focusing on the issues surrounding adolescent sexuality may help many teens from becoming parents at an early age. A variety of factors contribute to teenage pregnancy. The breakdown in American society includes moral and ethical issues. In Barbara Lebey’s opposing viewpoint essay she maintains that the sexual revolution movement changed traditional notions of motherhood and family that put children first (Lebey, 2003). It is vital to our society and younger generation that traditional families are restored. It is very difficult for a family to thrive without the aide of both parents. One parent usually means half the
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