Why Is Birth Control Important To Teenagers?

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Tia Rudd Eng. Comp I Gena Messersmith April 15, 2014 Teens and birth control What age is the right age to start having sex? Everyone has their opinions however there isn't one correct answer. It's a choice that everyone has to make. Doctors who do not give birth control to girls under 16 are not discouraging sex they are discouraging safe sex. Doctors can be out of touch with patients especially the young women. If the doctors took the time to understand girls' needs and prescribe birth control, and explained how to use it correctly then the number of young single mothers and abortions could drop. Birth control isn't about the decision…show more content…
Many parents have trouble on deciding when to talk to their kids about birth control or just taking them to go get birth control. Parents have the decision on whether or not you support their teens on having sex by giving them birth control. Many parents face the fact that their child may get pregnant or get someone pregnant if they are sexually active. So, the problem is do parents give the child birth control or is it supporting their child to be sexually active? An unexpected pregnancy as a teen can be a devastating occurrence. It might change the entire course of his or her life to discover they are about to become parents. That is why it is so important for teens that are sexually active to learn the basics about having safe sex and protecting themselves from STDs and unintended teen pregnancy. I think that it is a good idea to offer young teens the different birth control options available such as the commonly known birth control pills or condoms. Also, today we have other options like the birth control patch, Depo-Provera (shot), female condoms, and IUD’s (inter-uterine device) to help lower and prevent teen pregnancy and the spread of…show more content…
I think we should talk more with young people about the various STD’s that are around today. Teens lack the knowledge about safe sex practices which often lead to STD’s and HIV. Yes, abstinence is the best choice and the only one that is 100% effective from these dangers. I do think that teens should be taught that this is the best choice that they could make for themselves. I believe that it is important that we make these contraceptives available for teens. I think it may be a good idea to have some form of birth control that is free for those who can’t afford it. Some clinics provide birth control to teens without the consent of a parent, this may be a good thing because many teens are afraid to talk to their parents about sex and birth control. Many teenagers today are very sexually active and take the risk that comes with sexual intercourse. Education is our number one source in getting sexual information out to the teenagers. It’s important that we educate our teens on the subject

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