Abstinence Only vs. Comprehensive Sex Education

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Think back, all the way to the first time your parents tried bringing sex up and the silly rendition of there are birds and there are bees was brought up. That’s just it! We’re not taking the subject seriously; comical aspects are already brought up in school where sex is literally a joke so don’t keep adding fuel to the fire. It’s not an easy conversation for parents to bring up and talk to someone they hope will never have sex until marriage but regardless of the emotion it’s completely necessary. Peer pressure is so common in schools from middle school all the way to junior high. If parents aren’t able to help the next generation our future who will also be responsible for our future generations shouldn’t we give them a professional environment where they can actually learn how to be safe and handle the emotions and new feelings they get from puberty. Parents will argue against their sons or daughters to go take sex education. Fear is common that sex education will be a gate way to believing sex is ok. Sex education however provides different methods to prevent having STD’s or giving birth which happens without a basis of how to use protection. If parents want to only drill abstinence into a kids mind it’s the same as saying don’t eat candy, “why can’t I eat the candy” then eventually the wrappers in the trash and without having the right idea about it you have a kid with no fear to eat the next piece of candy until they are too sick to eat another piece and I mean have sexual diseases or being pregnant. Sex education will prepare them only for when they want to make that decision but will clarify that having no sex is the only way to truly prevent any accidents. Classes are a professional environment where kids can truly take in everything there hearing and take what they learn seriously, given the environment with your parents staring into your eyes like

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