Parasites, Killing Their Hosts: Documentary Analysis

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Everything Just Killing Everyone Food industries and their marketing have officially taken over. Not only are there advertisements everywhere about their “healthy and natural foods” but, they are also leading us to the end of our lives. In the documentary named Food Inc., directed by Robert Kenner, we see multiple groups that are affected by these food industries. For example, we see parents acting as activists, animals and employees being treated poorly. The major groups that take part in this or are affected by this are the consumers, the government and of course the large food corporations. An article by Mark Bittman called “Parasites, Killing Their Hosts” is generally about these three main groups; the government, the consumers…show more content…
According to Marion Nestle’s article “Food Marketing and Child Obesity”, obesity has definitely taken a toll on today’s society. “Since the late 1970s, obesity rates have more than doubled among children 6 to 11 years of age and more than tripled among those 12 to 19 years of age” says Nestle. We are seeing an increase in illnesses. Junk food not only has a short term effect, but it will also cause a long term effect. Mark Bittman’s title “Parasites, Killing Their Host” is basically telling us that the parasites are the large corporations and that the consumers are the hosts. He also says that “Big Food is unwittingly destroying its own market.”. He is right though. Big Food isn’t as smart as they think they are. By making these foods their market is getting smaller because it is destroying the consumers, literally. Nowadays, someone has some sort of illness like cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Consumers are surrounded by advertisements, especially young children. Young children watch television a lot. Young children are the ones who are most on social media and they see so many advertisements it is unbelievable. Companies target children because they are too young to know the truth about what they are really eating. Children don’t care about how many calories or how much sugar s in a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal, for example. But, there is only one group that can make their children stop them from eating this, the parents. Parents have the power to not make their children eat junk food and to decrease the chances of their child ending up with a long term illness. Children though have a much bigger power in getting what they want and that is called pester power. They constantly bother and annoy their parents and make a big scene in front of the public to simply buy a box of cereal with Dora on it because they saw it on television. So instead of listening to their child screaming they just buy it

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