Rush Limbaugh Essay

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Rush Limbaugh: Sex Education: Should Condoms Be Distributed in Schools. Rush Limbaugh is best know for being a conservative American radio talk show host, political commentator, and author. In his article “Sex Education: Should Condoms Be Distributed in Schools” provides a good example of conservative thinking. In the article he assumes that handing out condoms in schools will lead women being raped, people having sex with people with HIV knowing they carry the disease, and that people will think that there is no consequences to having sex. Rush claims the only way to stop this is to teach abstinence only sexual education classes. His argument remains unconvincing due to several assumptions and his lack of sources. Sex Education classes have been taught for many years in school health classes, I was in the ninth grade when I got the release form sent home to be signed by my parents so I could attend that portion of the class. Children are exposed to sex earlier in life now, It seems that every time you turn on the TV or listen to the radio there is something that has to do with sex. Even children’s programming has some sort of sexual innuendo in it. It sparks there curiosity and leads to them having sex at an earlier age. Why would you not want to educate them on safe sex and how to protect themselves against disease? While I do agree with Rush Limbaugh on the fact that the only way to prevent disease and unwanted pregnancy is to abstain from sex, but what happens when they do decide to have sex and have no idea how to use a condom? There will be diseases spread and unwanted pregnancies. Studies have shown that abstinence only sex education classes generally have no effect on young peoples sexual behavior, and that children who receive abstinence only sex education classes may have less knowledge about STI’s and are less likely to believe that
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