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Why are books banned if the First Amendment states freedom of speech? Books are something that all people can enjoy and there isn’t a book out there that every one can agree on to read. Banned books are books that have been taken out of school libraries and who can not read that book at school or even teach it. These books have been banned because someone thinks that it shouldn’t be taught to kids or offends them personally. But people are blind to see the actual message of the book and instead, looking at a few words in the book that seem offensive. Books like To Kill A Mockingbird and The Giver these books are banned because of some people think it’s not good for students to read it. But some of them are just banned for the craziest reasons like just for one thing the book has one bad word in it. Some people just make up so that there kids don’t have to read it. Like they say this book is going to teach my child to jaywalk, but jaywalking happens all the time and adults do it and kids just copy it not from a book. I also think its just parents that are over protective of their kids and they don’t want the kids to learn something bad from a book. But the student/kids are going to find out sooner then later right so what’s the point to ban these books? Parents should just talk to their kids and ask if they would like to read it because like it’s not there fault if the kid does something bad just because of the book. It is the kids fought that he/she does it or not. They are the one that read the book and they are the ones who got the wrong message out of the book. Banning books is like putting an author on trial. Parents should talk to the authors instead of making student not read books. In the Pico case the student actually fought to read a list of banned books at their school. It’s there choice if the students want to read it or not. The school

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