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Birth Control Me Liberty is a birthright granted to Americans. If people are given the right to choose, then why is the use of birth control still a controversy? If a country gives its people freedoms and rights, then the government should not have the ability to take those rights away even when a third party intervenes. If individuals decide to use contraception, it should be their choice. Some argue that the need for birth control in this age is essential because people are concerned with the costs of raising a child. Furthermore, it is a woman’s choice whether or not to use birth control, and it is an effective way to help couples plan or prevent having children; however, others argue that birth control is unethical because it denies natural processes, interferes with the work of God, and defeats the basic purpose of sex, which is procreation. If people are ethically opposed to this controversial issue, should their tax dollars be utilized towards its implementation? Although, the women’s strike for equality was successful, the consumption of birth control still raised eyebrows. People face individual obstacles that are not always conducive to having and or…show more content…
Women have faced challenges all throughout the history of this nation however; there have been major achievements for women as well. The Women’s Suffrage in 1920’s, gave women the right to vote along with eligibility to run for office, and The Women’s Strike for Equality in 1970, which called for the equal opportunity for women alongside men, plus rights concerning abortion and birth control. (Imbornoni) Author Roxane Gay of “The Alienable Rights of Women” acknowledges obstacles women face regarding the use of birth control and complexities that involve female viewpoints in today’s society. Some of these obstacles occupy political opinions that put forth limitations toward women’s rights and their invasion of

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