Obtain Birth Control Research Paper

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Intro: (1).Today, in every state teenagers that are sexually active can get contraceptives to protect themselves against unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. (2) Most teens use protection also called contraceptives even if they can't talk about sex with their parents. But some states want to take away teens' ability to protect themselves. They want to prevent sexually active teenagers from getting birth control unless they first tell their parents. (3) Some people say that allowing teenagers to get contraceptives without first telling a parent encourages them to become sexually active and that requiring teenagers to tell their parents before they get birth control would stop sexual activity but research says teenagers don’t become sexually active if they can obtain contraceptives. Studies say making contraceptives available to teenagers does not increase sexual activity.(4) Requiring teens to tell a parent before they can obtain contraceptive doesn't reduce their sexual activity it will just put their health and lives at risk, if the child had to have permission from their parents to obtain contraceptives. It would just make them not want to use protection and have sex without it.(5) However taking away teenagers' access to contraceptives doesn't stop them from having sex, it just drives them away.(6) Therefore, teens should be allowed to obtain contraceptives without consent from their parents.…show more content…
1. Many tens are uncomfortable with talking to their parents A. Most teens do not want tier parents to know he/she is having se 1. Teens fear in disappointing their parents 2. Teens do not want to upset their

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