Should Contraception Be Made Available to Teenagers in Schools?

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Our textbook, along with virtually every article that is supported by facts and statistics, agree that making sex education and contraception available to teenagers is the only way to prevent rising number of teen pregnancies and STD/STIs. Truthfully, I could not find one legitimate non-religion based article that is pro-abstinence only education. Virtually ever study along with common sense should make it pretty clear, that we are not going to prevent teens from having sex with scare tactics, lies and omitting important information. The fact is sex is everywhere in the media, and in real life. Adolescents can be sponges with regards to pop culture and are going to be coping what they see until the end of time. It might be possible to succeed in raising a perfectly virginal child without any sex education or the option of contraceptives, if the child was home schooled and never left the home without parental supervision. Not to mention, this child would probably not be able to watch TV, read magazines or use the internet. Clearly, this is next to impossible in today's America. Rather than live in the past and holding on to outdated "traditions", we should be keeping up with the times, especially those of us who plan to go into a helping professional field like teaching or social work. Studies now show that states with abstinence only education have the highest teen pregnancy rates (1) I can completely understand how providing birth control to middle school students would make some unconformable. Nobody wants to think about 12 year old children having sex, least of all their parents. But we can pretend it's not happening to feel a little better about ourselves and keep dealing with teen pregnancy and young kids having unprotected sex, or we can address it like the adults we are, and step in to intervene. When we choose not to discuss sex openly, we reinforce
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