Teach Sex Education, Not Abstinence

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Sex Education, not Abstinence Destiny Cummings Gloucester County Institute of Technology Abstract This paper will explain the significance of why schools should not be bribed to teach sexual abstinence in their health classes. Readers will be able to understand why abstinent programs are not working, the reasons why abstinent programs do not teach students valuable information they need about sex and proper precautions, and that teaching a sex education class properly will have positive effects on students. Finally, the lasting impact of both educational programs will be explained. Teach Sex Education, not Abstinence The chairman of the school board was completely outraged. He stepped up to the microphone, determined to speak his mind. He claims abstinence is the only way to teach students, it is the only way to warn off unwanted pregnancies, and it is the only way to keep children safe. If the school were to tell their students about contraceptives, they are telling them it is okay to give up their virginity. But is it the right way in which students should be taught sex education? Sex education needs to be comprehensive and educate students about all pieces of sex including contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancy. What is surprising is anyone can earnestly share the belief that an effective means of preventing the consequences of sexual activity should be restricted to teaching about abstinence. It is without a doubt, teenagers are going to have sex whether or not parents tell them to. Even though abstinence is the best technique to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, a proper sex education class is more ideal because abstinence programs are not as beneficial and conclusive to a teenager’s well-being. With the growing popularity of abstinence-only programs, one would think they are incredible classes,

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