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The Importance of Comprehensive Sex-Education in Schools Sex is huge, sex is important; everyone cares and has something to say about sex. Sex oozes from every pore of the culture and no kid can avoid it. Are teens getting enough knowledge on sex and how to prevent teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases,(STD’s)? Comprehensive sex-education promotes abstinence but it also includes information about contraceptives and STD’s, while promoting safe sex if a student chooses to engage in sexual activity before marriage. Me, personally, my parents did not give me the birds and the bees talk, but I was afforded the opportunity to take sex-education in high school. Through the vast amount of information I received, and an accurate picture of the risks, I was able to make informed decisions. I remained a virgin until I met my husband at the age of 19. A successful sex-education program has several high points. The goal of sex-education in schools is to let students know safe means of birth control. Students will learn about contraceptives, reproduction, and how to cope/deal with relationships. It will teach young people exactly how risky unprotected sex is, the consequences, and that anyone can become infected. These programs also teach proper contraceptive use, as well as some sexual communication skills. I believe the rate of teen pregnancies is on the rise because of two main things. Teens believe conception is rare, and teens almost never anticipate intercourse; therefore they do not use contraceptives. I think schools should make sex-education available to all students age 15 and above. Schools should also make free condoms available in bathroom vending machines, or by guidance counselors. Having condoms available encourages safe sex, and decreases the incidence of STD’s and teen pregnancies. Sex education encourages abstinence, not

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