Should Sex Education Be Taught in School

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Should sex education be taught in schools? There have been many debates over this. Studies show parents say that sex education only destroys the morality of people because they think that sex education teaches students about how sexual intercourse is done. Although sex education lowers the morality of people by teaching students how to use condoms and contraceptives, it should be taught in primary school and secondary school because its a prevents sexual diseases and teenage pregnancy, it is indeed a need in case of parents’ absence, and it gives children the idea of what is right and what is wrong. Research shows that teens are more sexually active now than before. For example, twenty-five percent of all girls and thirty-three percent of all boys have had sex by the age of fifteen. This is a very young age, and by age seventeen the statistics have grown to 75% of all girls and eighty-six percent of all boys. This shows that there is greater need for sex education than ever before. Starting as early as kindergarten, children should be taught about relationships and to respect others. At different levels, kids could benefit from sex education . As children become teenagers, they should be taught about abstinence and the consequences of sex. Then, as studies show, by high school they are becoming sexually active and should be taught about contraceptives as well as about venereal disease and AIDS. This may not solve the high teen-pregnancy rate nor the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among teens. However, it may stop the increase and cause teens to be more responsible and educated when it comes to sex. In the United States, most of the teenagers are already sexually active and the teenage pregnancy rate is doubled compared to other western countries, with 750,000 teens becoming pregnant annually. This is due to the fact that the teenagers are not
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