Controversy about sex education

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“Controversy about sex education” Recently, there has been a great deal of controversy regarding sex education in schools. The debate always exists whether the schools ought to be teaching abstinence sex education or comprehensive sex education. By doing so, I believe the schools are trying to integrate morality into teaching. Regardless of the schools’ preferred method of teaching, it will always be an inferior source of learning when dealing with sex education. Many schools offer abstinence sex education as their method of educating young teens. One theory is that middle school kids as well as high school kids are not fit enough to make their own decisions and must be taught what to do and what not to do. This type of education is simply black and white. Nonetheless, decisions often require more complex thinking. As an alternative, some schools also now offer comprehensive education. This approach offers and provides more insight on sex education in which one can be better prepared for real life situations such as std’s and unwanted pregnancies. Although both these methods of teaching offer insight on sex education, it has been proven that they are not as successful as one may think. Sex among teens, as well as teen pregnancies, is at an all time high verifying that “teenage pregnancy has a lot more to do with what it means to be a teenager than with how someone gets pregnant” (Quindlen 297). Suggesting that sex is more of an ethical issue, sex education is merely facts built upon foundations that have already been instilled in teens. Regardless of the teaching approach, education follows behind one’s moral values. “When I was in high school, at the tail end of the sixties, there was a straightforward line on sex among my friends. Boys could have it; girls couldn’t. A girl who was not a virgin pretended she was” (Quindlen 297). The stereotype

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