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Music is any form of sound in a synchronized pattern that affects the brainwaves. Together with many instruments, an emotional harmony is created that can single-handedly manipulate the human emotion. There are many causes for being a music addict. It provides an artificial sanctuary, brings out the emotion that you are feeling. Music is limitless, there is no end to its boundaries. Those who plays musical instruments can find a peace so unique that its not found anywhere else. The only sanctuary I feel is when I’m listening to music. Every time I am under stress or mental pressure, I usually turn on the music really loud. Gradually, my mind stops racing and I slowly start to focus. I feel greater sense of awareness around me and my concentration doubles, as I become calm. I used to do this on rare occasion, for example, during exams or right after a sports match or performance. That feeling of peace became increasingly addictive and now whenever I’m home, I’m always listening to music. The best thing about music is its powerful surge of emotions. It’s the only thing I feel that can uniquely drive my emotion from one extreme to another. Whenever I feel rage, I listen to black metal bands where the vocalist growls along with…show more content…
Although many people might find it absurd in relating with music, its people like us that actually feels music more then the average human being. When I play my bass guitar, time itself becomes oblivious to me. I keep on playing until my hands get tired. Every time I come up with a new chord rotation, I improve on it and I feel a sense of excitement whenever something sounds good. Its amazing that a bass has only 24 frets and 4 strings, yet the music that is emitted is limitless. Sometimes, when I hear a good bass line from a song, I instantly pick it up on my bass. This is why I never get bored with music and instead, my addiction only

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