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In this essay I will be discussing three major 20th century composers. I decided to choose two composers that I was somewhat familiar with, those being Philip Glass and Terry Riley. For my third random choice I decided to pick Charles Ives. I will be discussing what I thought of their musical works and going into some detail about the sounds that I heard. I will begin with my absolute favorite composer out of the three, that being Charles Ives. I am so grateful to have picked him as one of the three composers for this essay. I decided to listen to a phenomenal musical piece by him titled Central Park in the Dark. As I write this paper, I am enjoying this very song on loop. The first 6:40 minutes of the song have a very dark overtone and overall sense of forebodingness to it. I thought this track would make an excellent addition to a horror film or videogame. Around the 6:42 mark the rhythm takes a drastic turn and the tempo is increased vastly. Then, after a couple of minutes the tempo returns to that dark overtone. I believe this song accomplishes exactly what its title…show more content…
Glassworks is a compilation album that contains six musical pieces. I will be covering this composition as if it were one continuous track. While I enjoy his piano work, this was my least favorite composer and musical selection. I enjoyed the first 7 minutes of this album and began to dislike it heavily around the 7:02 mark. The rhythm and tempo become over the top and in my opinion, it goes from amazing piano work to what seems to just be noise. The Island track wasn’t so bad and I really enjoyed the overall texture of this song. His music again becomes far too erratic when the Rubric track begins to play and I just couldn’t get into it. Even though I didn’t much like this selection, I can appreciate the work and dedication it takes to compose this

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