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Jennifer Jones Novemeber 22nd 2012 Joe Jacoby Outside event: NIC Jazz Band Show On the night of November 15th I took my family to see the NIC jazz concert, now I have never been to see any live Jazz performance nor do not even listen to it. I am a very open minded person and knowing that my fiance has some past experience with jazz I knew it would be enjoyable. The Jazz concert was surprisingly entertaining throughout the entire performance. Upon arriving at the school I was very unsure as to what I was about to see and whether or not I would be able to identify what it was that I was seeing. So as the performance began and the choir, which I might add was…show more content…
There were instruments of all sorts, most of which I cannot name because of my lack in knowledge. There was a drummer, a pianist, a guitarist, multiple trumpets, trombones and in the front row were the clarinets. I noticed that in the front row there was one man who was playing multiple instruments which I found appealing as he was featured and I noticed him playing for almost the entire concert. For the most part I would say that they all kept a rather high tone in their songs and that they stayed on beat very well. The music was generally fast and the sound was very brassy to me. The purpose of the songs they were playing seem to be expressing a mood to me, as if the audience should be very awake and alert. It was not calming at all but I'm not sure it was supposed to be! I would say that the overall unifying principle of the entire concert is the range in melody. The choir put a spin on the way I ever looked at lyrics but the melody that they created was both high and low, they just stayed in harmony even when they weren't all singing at one and it was guys vs girls. As for the band I would say that the range that they covered as well correlated just right with the choir as they had

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