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Kendall Sound Art On Saturday, February 8 2014, Kendall Sound Art presented a concert that took place at the West Kendall Regional Library. The musicians played five pieces. The program included “ Lasting Virtue” duet for flute and viola by Ferdinando DeSena. The second piece is PREMIER, which means ”by no means certain.” This piece was interactive electronic music. Ferdinando DeSena also performed it, and it was a computer and synthesizer composition. In addition, he also performed “Evalidate”, the third piece. The fourth piece was “Insaxation” by Lawrence Moore. The last composition was “Missa Della Grande Transizione” by Liza Seigido. This last piece was composed of two movements; Kyrie and Credo. This concert was outstanding. I really…show more content…
The combination of those two instruments started to form a fast melody. After some minutes, those fast beats started to decrease little by little. For almost the rest of this piece, the beats were long, soft and super slow. I only liked the first part of this piece. The quiet and calm part made me feel bored and down. The second section of the concert was PREMIER. This was an interactive electronic composition. Every sound was made on the computer. In this piece, the change of the tempo was preliminary. The tempo went up and down, and then the pulse went faster and slowed down again. It was very interesting. It made me feel awake, and it made me think how technology plays an important role in music. The third piece “Evalidate” was a fixed media. The author of this piece said in the concert, that it was the dream of many composers. It had different type of sounds. Some of the beats were very long but loud. It kept the same rhythm for the whole piece. The fourth piece was “Insaxation”. It also was a fixed media. This piece was very similar on the type of beats as “Evalidate”. It was seven saxophone sounds. The sounds were interrupted by weird cuts. This section was very calm and peaceful. It made me think a lot. While I was listening to the sound, my mind was in another planet. I was imagining how someone could make this type of sound on the

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