Why Is Michael Jackson so Appealing?

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The popularity of television shows like American Idol, X Factor, and America Got talent revealed that Americans are infatuated with music icons. There are lots of popular singing/dancing superstars in the music industry, but how is possible Michael Jackson is extremely appealing to many people? His voice and dance were unique, his personality loved many people, and his controversial death shocked almost everybody. Michael Jackson was appealing because of his voice and dance moves. His dance moves were beyond anyone's abilities and, when he performs, he brought us magic. His energy and stage presence were amazing. When he sang and dance, it wasnt about being good, or showing off what you could do, it was about doing what you feel best and about moving through the beats or having fun. His music was very emotional and the reason why people got emotional is because of his talent. People cried by listening his songs, because he performed and sang from his soul! Nowadays, almost every musician makes songs about sex and money but no one ever made songs about Earth, and people. He was a humanitarian through and through. He donated $400million to charities including ones supporting kids with cancer and other illnesses, he supported 39 charities, he opened his previous home Neverland Ranch where he invited under priviliged kids and their parents to enjoy themselves. Since he was a child star, what he gained in performing experience cost him his childhood, he didnt get to do things other kids would do, go to a park, play with other children. He was often referred to as being Peter Pan like, the boy who never grew up. Because his personality was a bit like a childs (positively), he was able to relate to kids too, and a 12 year old cancer sufferer even said Michael cured him just by being him. He had
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