Diversity in Jazz

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Jacob Chavez 09/08/2013 Diversity In Jazz Jazz is a music genre that is as diverse as the musicians and intruments that construct it. Slow tempoed jazz can create a feeling of saddness or lonesome, while an upbeat jazz song can make you feel an incredible amount of joy. Jazz is only the name of a network of smaller sub-genres. The sub-genres include but are not limited to Dixieland, Bebop, Blues, Swing, and Ragtime. Jazz can be found in day to day life if you know what your looking for, such nas when an operator puts you on hold or in the elevator. Ferther more, Jazz is concidered by many as the most americana stlye of music. Influences in art, movies, television, and other genres can still be noteorized in todays moderen era. Diversity in Jazz has made the genre very adept, changing as people do. Founded in New Orleands in the early 1900's was the greatest platform for success. New Orleans was a heaven beacuse there were various coultures in a confind musical city. When Jazz became trendy everyone wanted it play, letting people from all walks of life add thier personal flare to it. That is the beauty of Jazz, though there are guidlines to what makes Jazz music there are also infanite amount of possiblities to create something unique. One of Jazz's greatest weapons for success is improvization. Improvization is the act of composing and playing at the same time (such as freestlying). This technique gave the soloist the chance to portray his/her inner emotion with chosen instrument, As microscoptic as the ideal sounds thr affect on listeners was tremendious. Listeners were now able to relate to the muscians that they admired. Improvization was so original that the musicains that mastered the technique were classafied as there own genre. Miles Davis for example, was amazing at improvization so people stopped calling it blues and referd it to miles davis

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