Three Levels Of Listening

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Three Levels of Listening In order to experience music musically, there are three different levels of listening. These three levels are the sensual, perceptual, and imaginal levels. These three levels tend to intertwine into each other. I attended Magnificat & Messiah by Bach and Handel on December 4th. - In the piece, Magnificat, the sensual level is introduced immediately as it gives off a peaceful vibe with its’ major key and smooth notes. Gradually, the piece begins to portray a lot of energy from the quick, allegro speed and the wide range. As the choir sings, “Magnificat”, at the end of the word the pitch is raised and you begin to expect it each time they sing it. The first part of this piece, the runs are quite smooth allowing for the change in range to be smooth as well. The second part slows down greatly, giving off a more soothing vibe. The first few notes of the singer are staccato and right when you expect them to continue, it changes. The regular rhythm also adds on to the feeling of calmness. Texture is produced in the movements by Bach as the melodies are broken into fragments which allow for emphasized counterpoints. The third part is even slower yet, but has a new sense of cheer to it. As the soloist sings with the instrument, you begin to get into and expect this peaceful melody to continue, when all of a sudden Bach adds in the whole choir in an instant going at a quick tempo. The notes are also crisper then before adding feelings of excitement. Throughout the parts, imitative polyphony is used, as the lines are independent yet sound together harmonically. The color and tone of the various voices and instruments flavour the melody and all appear to contribute to each other. The quick tempo and accents on different notes gave off the feeling of anxiousness in one of the later parts in the piece as well as the crescendos. Throughout this

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