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Pepper Adams Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams was a famous jazz baritone saxophone player and composer from Michigan. He was born in 1930 and died in 1986 from lung cancer. In his life, he composed 43 pieces, was the leader on twenty albums, and was involved in 600 sessions as a sideman. When he was young, he began his musical career on the tenor sax and clarinet. By 16, he made the successful choice to switch to the baritone saxophone and was then involved in the Lucky Thompson’s band in 1947. His music has been described as being “very long, tumbling, double-time melodic lines. And that raw, piercing, bark-like timbre”. He had an amazing ability to play the difficult baritone at very fast paces of hard bop music like no other player had before. Some of his most famous songs include; Binary, Alone Together, and Now in Our lives. The song Binary is an up-tempo, groovy song, as well as his last recording. It has a strong, rhythmic beat with many changes of tempo and rhythm throughout the piece. Each musician has the opportunity to show their…show more content…
The song Now in Our Lives is more relaxed and romantic compared to his other quick, strong be-bop songs. The majority of the song consists of low, sluggish melodies. However, there are many parts throughout the song that have many fast notes played. There are quite a few changes in rhythm throughout the piece which stimulates the piece. There’s a nice piano, bass and drum accompaniment that help to establish the laid-back feel of the music. I quite like Adam’s musical style as it has lots of variety and unique techniques to it that other music doesn’t really have. It’s very groovy and it can make you want to dance, rest or chill out to it. He plays with such propulsive intensity that leaves audience’s wonderstruck and engaged to keep

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