Abuse And Neglect

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Abuse and Neglect Abuse can take many forms. Abuse can be caused physically, psychologically, or sexually. Abuse can happen and affect both males and females. It occurs when an individual who is at the mercy of someone he or she trusts is hurt or exploited by that care taker. It can occur at home, in a hospital or skilled nursing facility, or on the playground. It also affects individuals in both heterosexual and homosexual relationship, as well as individual with or without disabilities. Abuse can happen anytime and anywhere and can be perpetrated by strangers. Family members are the most frequent abusers and abuse most commonly occurs in the home. The Faces of Abuse. Abuse can be harmful in many ways. The psychological effects can be devastating at all stages of development. Survivors of abuse may show an array of emotions, behavioral, and physical symptoms at the time of abuse and throughout their life span. Name-calling, shaming, bullying, embarrassing, or threatening an individual, their pets, or a friend or a family member is consider psychological abuse. Even though some people think that psychological abuse is less damaging that any other type of abuse it could result in low self-esteem and often culminates in depression, anxiety, or even suicide. Hitting, kicking, shaking, burning, or otherwise exerting force to injure a victim is considered physical abuse. Symptoms include unexplained physical injuries, burns, cuts, bruises, traumatic brain injury, and excessive stress. Sexual abuse involves forcing someone to take part in a sexual act without his or her consent. Sexual abuse may include touching, forcing an individual to watch pornographic materials, or actual sexual penetration. People who have been sexually abused have more tendencies to smoke, drink, or use drugs, have low self-esteem, develop eating disorders, consider suicide, and become abusers
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