A Career as an Information Security Manager

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A CAREER AS AN INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGER BY HECTOR CEDANO Submitted to Ms. Cowling in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Crim 231 Mon. Wed. Fri. 1:00 November 18, 2008 There are many fulfilling careers in Criminal Justice but the one I chose was the career of an Information security manager. First Information security is the protection of information and information systems from unauthorized access. The three main objectives of Information Security are protecting the confidentiality, the integrity and availability of the information. The way that technology is a main part of everyone’s life so it is important to have information security to protect the technology from being missed used. Organizations such as governments, military, financial institutions, hospitals, and private businesses store a lot of sensitive information about employees, customers, products, research, and financial operations. Protection of the information is top priority to be successful in any field. Effective Information Security uses security products, technologies, policies and procedures. Just using these tools does not guarantee that all problems will be solved or will provide an effective Information Security. With Information Security there is a tradeoff between security and usability. The more security you have the less usability is possible and the more usability then there is less security and there for the system has a higher chance of getting corrupted. The goal of an Information Security Manager is to provide an appropriate level of security and use. The position of Information Security Manager is a high-level security position, who reports to the Chief Information Security Officer. There is a need to have advanced technical skill, as well as management abilities. The Information Security Manager controls the Information

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