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Role of Information Policy CMGT/400 February 25, 2013 Role of Information Policy The importance of policies and standards for maintaining information systems and security can be very a touchy subject for many organizations. Organizations want to have the best policies in place to help keep the company safe but often times the money and training that is needed are left out and the policies and standards are not as secure as they need to be. Many items are needed to insure the proper policies are in place. Such items such as training for the individuals that are using the policies that are established or proper software and hardware being installed on all systems are vital to security. When the employee groups sees how important security…show more content…
Having a few stakeholders share ideas of what concerns they may have may help to establish certain policies and help to adjust standards that are used in the organization. This group will give the organization a good cross view of security practices that are being used. "Respect for the individual." This respect should be for each and every individual, including the ones who are believed to be violating your security policies and procedures (Giles, 2008). Proper respect will help to understand security concerns and this will help to form the best policies and standards for the…show more content…
The CEO of any organization needs to not only be part of the policies and standards that present but they also need to be the main supporter of all initiatives. Whether the CEO writes their own policies or buys them of the shelf, they need to make sure they are followed and that all compliance issues are covered correctly. It is important to remember that information security is as much a business issue as it is a technological issue. If all groups work together and abide by policies and standards that are written for the organization then the organization will stand a better chance at being secure. Having a security policy that is easily measured and enforced is the key (Symantec, 1995-2010) to this success. The importance of policies and standards for maintaining information systems security can be a difficult and costly topic for many organizations to understand and to deal with. Getting all the different work groups and interests of clients and stakeholders together can have their share of costs and problems. As an IT technician it is important to keep security measures in plain sight for everyone to see and understand. Proper polices need to be followed and standards need to be established so that the company can be protected to the

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