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McShane: Chapter 11 Communicating in Organizational Settings Video Case: The Manager’s Hot Seat Mustang Jeans: Negotiation Amidst Cultural Differences (Running Time: 15:00) In a world of increasing globalization and cultural diversity, organizations face many opportunities as well as numerous communication challenges. Because of differing assumptions about how to think and act, the potential for cross-cultural conflict is both immediate and huge. Cultural differences between the U.S. and Japan within the business context are considerable. Generally, Japanese base their business on relationships, loyalty, respect, and not the bottom dollar. Appearance, demeanor, and communication style play large roles in building relationships—which translates into making deals. Sales manager of Mustang Jeans, Michael Sokolow, and Norio Tokunaka, VP of Merchandising of a potential retailer, are meeting to finalize negotiations by signing the final contract. Meeting 1 Sokolow begins the meeting with small talk, then tries to get right to the contract, just like any typical American manager. He explains how the company has made some changes and that he will be working with Tokunaka, instead of his colleague, Roger. Sokolow tries to finalize the contract through the entire meeting and tells Tokunaka many times how he is busy and does not have much time. His secretary even buzzes in to tell him that his next appointment has arrived. He also offers to spend quality time with Tokunaka to build a relationship with him, but he does not have time that day. Tokunaka, on the other hand, tries to get to know his new business partner by asking about his golf game and whether he likes sushi and sea cucumber. He also asks many questions about Roger and wants to know why he has been moved to another account. Sokolow gets nervous because
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