Mike Pedro's Lunchables: Skin Stereotypes

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After believing that his race is inferior for so long, Mike Pedro has finally discovered that being Filipino is not so bad after all. Ever since his friends mocked him at school for packing “Asian” food for lunch, he started feeling insecure about his ethnicity and even his own identity. Who is he, really? That is the question he asked himself every day from then on. The thoughts of his friends degrading him for eating “Asian” food for lunch dwelled in his subconscious for months, or perhaps even years. Pedro’s solution was simple: get rid of the traditional Asian food and eat whatever everyone else eats, which was Lunchables. He simply wanted to fit in and not be teased anymore. He felt utter humiliation, so refraining himself from bringing what his mom packed him for…show more content…
Pedro realized that he was not inferior to any other race, as every race has its own story that is filled with hardships. Filipinos were not less important to Whites, he realized. Skin color should not matter, he realized. The story behind his Filipino people is what counts in life, not the color of their skin. This sudden awakening inspired him to join the “Asian Americans Advancing Justice” association, and he has been traveling all across the San Gabriel Valley ever since, to give speeches about his life and his struggle to discover his true identity. As a grown man now, Pedro learned about life through the course of his beliefs and sudden revelation. Although he felt oppressed in the past, the oppression was mainly caused by his own thought process. He is more optimistic now, more proud to be whom he is: a Filipino. He now motivates others to discover more about themselves and more about the world, and how society can corrupt their mind. A boy who wanted to replace the lunch his mom made for him with Lunchables, Pedro has gone a long way since

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