Carl Robins Case Study Ananysis

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Case Study Analysis for ABC, Inc. Kristina Farrah September 19, 2009 University of Phoenix Introduction From the little information that is provided the lack of experience and training has caused Carl Robins recruitment of 15 new hires to be unsuccessfull and unable to begin the Orientation at the projected timeframe he had set as the goal. Leaving Carl frustrated and searching for solutions to the issues at hand. Background In April Carl Robins who has only been employeed for ABC, Inc. for 6 months has hired 15 individuals to start orientation June 15 and go to work for Monica Carrolls, the Operation Supervisor. On May 15 Monica contacted Carl in reference to all the final things that need to be completed before the orientation can take place such as: scheduling the mandatory drug screens and the training room, and all the paperwork and manuals that will be needed. Carl assured Monica that it would all be completed on time for orientation to begin on June 15. Carl waited till after Memorial Day to check on all of the information to start the new hires orientation on June 15. Carl found that the new hires had not completed all the application process, some were missing transcripts, none of the mandatory drug screens were scheduled, and the training room is not available until after the month of June. When he found the Orientation Manuals he was only able to locate 3 and they all had missing pages in them. Problems Carl Robins was lacking the knowledge and experience for the process and procedures of recruiting new hires. Applications were not completed and missing documents. Mandatory drug screens were not scheduled. Scheduling the training room and verify the available times to have orientation. Not having enough manuals for orientation. Lack of communication between the different
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