Ruby Lake Case Study

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This week’s reading scenario provided in the unit’s learning activities is about a nursing home called Ruby Lake. Ruby Lake homes and surrounding business needed to be evacuated due to a chemical spill which is endangering the surrounding population. At the beginning of the learning activity, there is a reverse 911 call, the call was sent out to the community, in a single language English. The first problem in the current evacuation plan was outdated. There is no option to have the message sent in a different language. There needs to be a way for the person receiving the call to be able to select from a list of possible language choices to ensure the messages is being sent received and understood. The problem is not only with the evacuation…show more content…
Throughout the activity, no one in authority seems to know where the transportation is or when the transportation will arrive to take the population to the shelter. Throughout the learning activity, there were other problems which held up the evacuation. For example, some of the population are afraid of the police. One reason was some of the population came from countries in which the police did more harm than help. Another reason was they did not have proper identification and were in this country illegally. The learning activity provided many problems with the evacuation plan. The reasons were the lack to plan for the changing population, a lack of planning and failure to communicate with each group in the scenario. A system needs to be implemented where the community can call to get accurate information on what to do. There was a failure in accurately informing the population about the situation and what actions to take. There needs to be a person in charge of accurately coordinate with everyone, making sure the information is getting out correctly to emergency personnel and the population. A central location needs to be set up, in which the coordination of all communication, actions and information regarding the evacuation or emergency situation will take
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