Security Simulation Review Paper

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Security Simulation Review Ross Duran DeVry University SEC 360 Professor Joseph Constantini The initial process began with Magnolia Utility Citizens’ Cooperative seeking a review of their work practices. Walther and myself met with all Board Members and were met with skepticism. As is expected, most employees do not embrace the idea of facing criticism of how they perform their job. However, there have been issues and that was explained for why we were there. First place of the investigation began at the vehicle yard and with the Security office. To begin, the security guard did not properly identify Top Notch, but only took them at their word. He did not have the proper information and did not ask for identification of us as consultants. He then allowed us access into the Security office. Also, it appears that review and refresher training be conducted for the Security team. Security Officers are lax. They have Post Orders, but do not properly log activity. Writing “Nothing to report” is not acceptable. Also, after review, the Security cameras do not have good coverage. Security is a fundamental part of a business and should maintain high levels of physical security within their officers and work area. The next area visited was the South Street cash management area. The first…show more content…
Tools and Equipment control are not consistent. Scott Williams gives preferential treatment to certain employees, like “Larry.” He claims he “runs a tight ship” but the actual log was barely written in. The nearby computer is supposedly used to monitor equipment, but was dusty. This caused me to believe it was not used regularly to tracking equipment properly. Scott claimed he was busy, but was just reading the newspaper. In addition, equipment did not appear to be regularly returned. I highly recommend that more expensive items should be in locked areas, rather than out in the
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