Analyse Potential Barriers To Professional Development Essay

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QUESTION | | | Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice Analyse potential barriers to professional development. 1.3: Compare the use of different sources and systems of support for professional development | The importance of continually improving my knowledge, is to ensure that the I am aware of, and follow, the current health & social care standards, legislation, and guidelines for good practice. Learning new skills and refreshing training enables me to progress, and achieve within my career and working practices. Personal development not only benefits…show more content…
So, for example, learners with disabilities who should be attending school or who wish to go to adult education classes are unable to even reach the school or class because the public transport system which is available is either physically inaccessible or unwilling to transport them. At the same time they are unable to walk to school or classes and in this way they are totally excluded from the education system. Attitudes: Negative and harmful attitudes towards difference in our society remain a critical barrier to learning and development. Discriminatory attitudes resulting from prejudice against people on the basis of race, class, gender, culture, disability, religion, ability, sexual preference and other characteristics manifest themselves as barriers to learning when such attitudes are directed towards learners in the education system. Language and Communication: A further area of barriers arising from the curriculum, are those which result from the medium of teaching and learning. Teaching and learning for many learners takes place through a language which is not their first language. This not only places these learners at a disadvantage, but it also leads to linguistic difficulties which
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