204 Safeguarding Essay

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Identify two reports on serious failures to protect individuals from abuse. Write an account that describes the unsafe practices in the reviews. Joanne Grove Intro In this account there are two different case studies that will be discussed. The first one is an financial case that was carried out by CQC regarding Julie Hayden’s staff in February 2011. The second case was also carried out by CQC in regards to the closure of the home due to abuse in Merok park housing home in November and December 2014. First case. In February 2011 Julie Hayden was informed one of her staff had stolen £40 from a service user. The safeguarding procedure for Hounslow's social workers are expected to fill in the appropriate documentation and report the missing money within 24 hours. This is the practice that she did not follow, on more than one occasion. Being an experienced social worker, she would have had the appropriate training. Also her line manager did not enforce the safeguarding procedure. Julie Hayden claims her job was pressured, unsupported and stressful that then caused her actions. To avoid this incident in the first place, more effective and up to date training, with better management and supervisions would lead to a better practice. Second case Merok park nursing home in surrey was closed to 26 residence. CQC carried out inspections in november and december 2014 and deemed the home as unsafe after previous concerns where no actions had been taken. The residents were given 4 days notice on the 5th of December. The failures of the report focuses heavily on the staffing levels. The owners of the home have not put the needs of the residents even to meet the minimum care standard. The staffing levels were inadequate, with inadequate training. In some cases some of the staff didn’t have the necessary background clearance checks, some people were working
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