Broca's Aphasia Case Study

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Broca’s Aphasia • How does Broca’s aphasia affect Earl’s ability to comprehend auditory or visual information? o Earl’s Broca’s aphasia does not seem to prevent him from being able to comprehend the story he hears or the cartoon clip that he sees. When asked to recall details from each, although he cannot form sentences to fully describe what he remembers, from the single word utterances given, it appears that Earl was not deterred in his ability to fully understand what took place in the story and cartoon. • Describe Earl’s ability to communicate? o Earl appears to be having a very hard time generating the words needed to convey what he wants to communicate. He is only able to speak in very…show more content…
o Jean visited Australia. • What inappropriate words does Jean most commonly insert into sentences? o When trying to count to ten, Jean inserts words that aren't numbers, e.g., boy, people, inside, and several incomprehensible utterances • Does Wernicke’s aphasia affect Jean’s ability to comprehend written language? What is the evidence? o Wernicke’s aphasia does affect Jean’s ability to comprehend written language. Jean struggles to provide instructions based upon what is written on each card. She is also unable to read what is written on the card when asked to do so. Melodic Intonation Therapy for Broca’s Aphasia • How does Harvey describe his personal experience of aphasia? o “Your mind and mouth don’t match up” • How long did it take for Harvey to begin to speak again? o After two years, Harvey was able to sing “Happy Birthday.” Technically, Harvey has never really regained the ability to speak. Instead, through Melodic Intonation Therapy, he learned to transfer his thoughts from music into a form of speech. • How is Harvey ability to communicate

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