PSY1 Revision: Cognitive Psychology Memory

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Wednesday 23rd April 2014 Psychology Goal – to describe and evaluate MSM PSY1 Revision – Cognitive Psychology Memory January 2011 1- use your knowledge of the multi store model to explain why Jamie would not remember the doctors number (4 marks) Mark scheme – application of the msm, REHEARSAL (need to keep information in the STM or transfer it to the LTM) the conversation with his friend will prevent Jamie from rehearsing the phone number. Reference to the limited capacity and duration of stm would also be relevant Answer – Due to the conversation Jamie was having with his friend he was prevented from rehearsing the…show more content…
JANUARY 2013 A - Explain what is meant by encoding. B - Outline the difference between the capacity of short term memory and the capacity of long term memory a- Encoding is the way in which information is stored/put into/processed into memory e.g. visual, acoustic, semantic b- The capacity of LTM is much larger than STM . STM is 7+/-2 whereas LTM is unlimited JUNE 2013 Explain how the findings of one or more studies demonstrate that short – term memory and long – term memory are different. 4 marks 3 studies – HM, KF and Clive W MARK SCHEME – KF – impaired stm, unaffected ltm One study which demonstrates that LTM AND STM are different is the study of HM. HM suffered from brain damage due to an operation he underwent to remove the hippocampus from both sides of his brain this was to reduce the severe epilepsy he suffered from. HM’s personality and intellect remained intact but he could now no longer form new long term memories although he could remember things from before his surgery. This could suggest to us that the hippocampus acts as a ‘gateway’ though which new memories must pass before entering permanent

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