Saving Private Ryan Rhetorical Analysis

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Says/Does Analysis Essay In preparing for this essay, I came across a great website called American Rhetoric. It includes some of the greatest speeches from many popular American movies including The Shawshank Redemption, Shindler’s List, Remember the Titans, and Rocky Balboa. However, one movies on the list that immediately caught my eye was Steven Spielburg’s famous war-drama Saving Private Ryan(1998). Not only is Saving Private Ryan a favorite of mine, but it also teaches you a lot about life and human behavior. The movie’s lead actor is Tom Hanks. Set right in the middle of World War II (1944), Hanks plays Captain John Miller, who is sent on a mission with his unit to save Private James Ryan. During this scene, the men of Miller’s…show more content…
This includes his description of his job as a school teacher (paragraph one), the big mystery he encounters as he travels overseas (paragraph two), and the life-altering change he goes through after killing hundreds of men. The boring parallelism used when talking about his job describes that he just has a normal life and that it drags on like your average, American worker. But in reality, it’s anything but ordinary. Once he comes overseas, it’s a completely different story. In paragraph two, when Hanks talks about the change that he goes through and wondering if his wife will even recognize him, he uses a much more depressed state of parallelism. The big mystery that he is in almost plays as a two-faced role, separating his battle experiences from his personal life back home. In the same paragraph, there is also a small quantity of amplification. Hanks says,”But over here it’s a big, a big mystery.” This amplification amplifies the fact that what these men are going through is indeed a life-altering ordeal. When he is talking about his big mystery, he is referring to his dedication to the war. It’s almost like he doesn't even recognize himself. As you explore these different figures, you start to develop the sense that Captain Miller is going through a serious identity problem. In addition, when you go from paragraph one to paragraph three, you find aposiopesis. In the first paragraph, regarding the rhetorical questioning with…show more content…
I believe that the screenwriter's basic purpose for all the rhetorical techniques in this scene were to show that viewer that Captain Miller is a very unique character. He is the strongest, most experienced, and the wisest of the bunch, yet he is very sad and emotionally confused. These flaws display the weakness in his character. Thus, it shows that no one is perfect. Everyone has flaws, no matter how small the flaws may be. In addition, even the strongest of men can be hurt. The speech also shows the effect that war can have on a man. In this case, it has an effect on everyone in the scene, because deep down, the men understand Captain Miller not only as their captain, but as a good friend. They can relate to his pain because they have all been there too. It’s Miller’s determination and goals that keep him and his unit

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